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Vacation Battle School


Paul Rogers - Drums
James Collins - Bass, Keybass
Jake Fusilier - Guitar, "Yeah's"
Brian Bourque - Guitar, Vocals

"Much like the homo-sapien's transition upward through lesser organisms from an initial "primordial soup", VACATION BATTLE SCHOOL emerged from a swampy, primitive city in what could best be described as the "ass-hole" of Louisiana. Blessed with the ability to transcend their murky origins and "evolve" beyond what is (let's face it) a veritable black hole for creativity and all good things, VBS has been able to turn what would otherwise be a bleak situation for any band into an outlet for expressing ideas and sounds that can literally explode the brain of any unworthy local fan. In the immortal words of Pope John Cougar Mellencamp, VBS will "make it hurt so good".

The members that make up the band are irrelevant. To try and break apart such a golden union would be nonsensical and ultimately futile. The band is a symbol for ideas that transcend time and space. They are the alpha and omega. They have existed in some form or another since the first ape took up a bone to bash in another ape's brain because that ape stole the first ape's food... or something. This is what it's like to listen to VACATION BATTLE SCHOOL." - The Watchtower, May 2008


Let's declare a thumb war - the thumb war

Let's declare a thumb war - the trademark signs of summer

Let's declare a thumb war - this state of dependence

Let's declare a thumb war - a thing about machines

Let's declare a thumb war - lets elope

We Look to the Stars - cosmological constant

We Look to the Stars - once upon a space time

We Look to the Stars - terror firma - to serve man


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