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10 seconds flat

Take 3 Cups of post-punk aggression,
2 Cups of angst ridden metal (organic),
1 Stick of "salt-free" corporate liberation,
1 Tablespoon of cajun spice (Tabasco).
Mix well. Set volume to 11 and Simmer!

Born out of angst-ridden metal and jeweled with post-punk aggression and liberation, 10 Seconds Flat rises from the debris that is the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The adrenaline charged band explores Louisiana's dark underbelly. The music is a stark fist of removal from the "now" sound, and from start to finish the band delivers harsh reality, unlovable characters, and humor like pepper spray (natural and burning)...

Jack Abate-Drums
Mike Boudreaux- Bass
Herb Broussard- Drums
Todd Elliott- Vocals
Doug Stromer- Bass
Joel Stromer- guitar


Early Years - Track 1

Early Years - Track 2

Early Years - Track 3

Early Years - Track 4

Early Years - Track 5

Early Years - Track 6


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