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The White Horse Tabernacle

The White Horse Tabernacle was formed in February 2007 by Jeremy Randazzo (drums) and Tyler Harper(guitar) in a small apartment with complaining neighbors. After writing and trying out other local musicians we came across what is known as an Ian Guidroz (Usoverwater, imagineIAM) and he picked up the bass and slid into the band with much added lubric...ation. TWHT then received many terrorist threats from someone by the name of Octahd Angelle saying that the band must come to a stop if he is not allowed to overview our current progress. After many sit down meetings with this crazed lunatic, we the members of White Horse decided that Octahd should be allowed to have a say and the right to play guitar. We accepted him and changed his name to Andy Angelle.

The White Horse Tabernacle has played many local shows with many amazing bands from all around the south and even opened up for Los Angeles legends, Bad Dudes. They released an album titled "For Those Who Know That Science Is Mediocre," in late 2010 which was produced and mixed by Joe Payne.

Unfortunately, TWHT parted ways in late 2009, but still remain friends with each other.

Other TWHT member projects include:

High Class Animals
Tuesday Before Monday
Pharmacist Always on Duty
Jaguar Paws
Major Major


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