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The Transmission


Christopher Slim: Bass/Moog/Vox
J. Reed: Guitar/Theremin/FX
theJim: Drums/Samples/Vox

Since their start in 2003, theTransmission have been blistering audiences throughout the southern United States with their brand of rock-n-roll known as Elektro-Garage. When asked about the Elektro-Garage sound & concept, the group will explain (in their typical vague/mysterious fashion) that it is a "NU-Sound"....that it is "Retro-Futurist".....that it is a hybrid of raw rock-n-roll music and synth/electronics/noise. The group has its foundation in 60's Garage & Punk, but incorporates other instruments such as Moog Synthesizers, Theremin, circuit bent electronic devices, samplers, etc., to add a low-brow, sci-fi element to their music. Some insiders seem to believe that they draw some inspiration from
1.] their study of sciences of an unusual nature and/or
2.] their intense fascination of B-grade horror, sci-fi, & exploitation cinema.

2004 saw the release of theTransmission's debut album, Freakout!Device. The public now had a portable replica of theTransmission's Elektro-Garage "NU-Sound" specially crafted to be sonically reminiscent of the inexpensive recordings of early retro-futurist groups.


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