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Boric Lassie formed in May, 1991 in Lake Charles, LA. They were fortunate to share stages with many other local bands, including The Mad Heroes, Cyn Mollic, Clockwork, Assignment, Riff Raff, Lingus, and more.

Guitar solos had not gone the way of the Do-Do quite yet. This was a "pre-Nevermind" world. Hair metal was on it's last breath.

The band practiced the whole summer of 1991 in a non-climate controlled U-Lock It rental space, fighting off local law enforcement there all too frequently, as well as at gigs.

Two members of Boric Lassie, Darrell and Troy-D, went on to form half of The Strap-Ons (also documented in the Louisiana Music Archive).

The "Flausten" EP was recorded in Sept. 1991 at Magnolia Sound Studios with J. Levingston twiddling the knobs. It everyone in the band's first time in a recording studio.

The group attempted to give it another go in the summer of 1992, with drummer Jack A. replacing the departing Jason M. The EP here was recorded with the original lineup.

Boric Lassie was:

Clay R.- vocals
Jason "Spoo" M.- drums
Darrell O.- bass
Troy D.- guitar


Flausten EP - Captain Attitude

Flausten EP - Face Value edited

Flausten EP - Hating Christmas

Flausten EP - Penis Envy

Flausten EP - Dog Song

Flausten EP - Racial Lettuce

Flausten EP - Spastic Groove Cookies


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