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S.I.K. were a short lived thrash/hardcore band from the West Bank of the New Orleans area, existing from 1989 to 1992.
Forming as 4 friends from high school as an excuse to get drunk and play thrash metal. They eventually got serious, acquired a bass player and put together a collection of originals and started gigging around the New Orleans area at various halls and bars.

They shared the stage with Soilent Green, The Slugs (who eventually became Crowbar), The Detrimentz, No Destination, Armed Response, New Religion, Haate, Catch-22, Malignant Minds, Crucial Change and Organized Confusion.

Their recorded output consists of one official demo and a track for a 7-inch vinyl compilation called "New Orleans Scene:Allow No Downfall" which also included tracks by Soilent Green, The Slugs and The Detrimentz. Also included are some rare rehearsal and live tracks that were found on various cassettes here and there.

Following the band's breakup, members later went on to Damp, Giant Robot Monster, Chapter 13, Mystic Fix, The Nerostotles, Face First and A Hanging.

The band's lineup consisted of:
Chris "Pig" Poleto-vocals
Mike Reed-lead guitar
Bobby Bergeron-rhythm guitar (bass in 1992)
Alcide Pitre-drums

...and a few different bass players over the years:
Rod Miller (1989-1990)
A.J. Spicer (1990-1991)
Brian Donewar (1991)
Jay Schneider (1991)Individualism Feared (1990 demo)
Chronic Suicide (1990 demo)
End Of Humanity (1990 demo)
Love With A Porcupine (1990 demo)
World View (rough mix from "New Orleans Scene:Allow No Downfall, 1991)
Testimony To War (live at The Jungle, Gretna LA 1992)
Mood Swing (live at The Jungle, Gretna LA 1992)

Inside (rehearsal tape 1990)
Rhythmic Riot (live at Storyville Jazz Hall, New Orleans 1990)
Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover song, live at Storyville Jazz Hall, New Orleans 1990)


demos - Chronic Suicide

demos - End Of Humanity

demos - Individualism Feared

demos - Inside

demos - Love With A Porcupine

demos - Minor Threat

demos - Mood Swing

demos - Rhythmic Riot

demos - Testimony To War

demos - World View


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