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The Rising Shotguns


The Rising Shotguns formed in early 2002 and disbanded in late 2002.
They were:
Todd Elliott: electric guitar and vocals
Wade Chaney: guitar and backing vox
Justin: Bass
Daniel "Sheep" Fontenot: Drums

The three-song "Gamma" EP was recorded by Bam Arceneaux in 2002 at Underground Studios on Broad Street in Lake Charles.
This was the first collaboration of Sheep and Elliott who currently play together in The Downhearted. The Downhearted would later re-record "Living on Borrowed Time".
The "Gamma" EP features the first and original recordings of Elliott's compositions "Flywheel" --later re-done by 10 Seconds Flat -- and "Living on Borrowed Time" by The Downhearted.


Gamma EP - Gamma

Gamma EP - Flywheel

Gamma EP - Borrowed Time


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