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MiscreatioN was a death/heavy metal band originally founded by Zane Davis on lead guitar & vocals, Brian Snelling on drums and Shannon on rhythm guitar. "Metal" Mat Billeaudeaux joined the band on bass guitar later in 2002. Shannon left the band for other projects and was replaced on rhythm guitar by James Park in 2003.

The band's sound had a mix of various metal influences including King Diamond, Megadeth, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and Sepultura. While the band did have a full setlist, MiscreatioN's only recordings were an early demo cd in 2003 and a partially mixed professional recording in 2004 of a few songs. Zane left the band for other projects in 2004 and the band fell apart afterwards.

Zane Davis: 2002-2004 Lead Guitar and Vocals
Shannon: 2002-2003 Rhythm Guitar
Brian Snelling: 2002-2003 Drums
"Metal" Mat Billeaudeaux: 2002-2004 Bass Guitar
James Park: 2003-2004 Rhythm Guitar


Demo - Throne Of Belial (demo)

Demo - Battle! (Demo)

Demo - Into Safricon (Demo)

Throne of Belial - Throne of Belial

Throne of Belial - Into Safricon

Throne of Belial - Battle!


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