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Destroyed By Fire


Devon Deshotels - drums, guitar, vocals
Al Tuminello - guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Joey Tuminello - bass, guitar, drums, keyboard, vocals

"Exhibit a switch-hitting, multi-instrumental, post-metal textured, garage-noir indie rock.....they are the young DIY barons of Destroyed By Fire." - Dege Legg, the Independent


Chiasmata Read Story - Asian Love Song

Chiasmata Read Story - Trendwhore

Chiasmata Read Story - Snap Out of Your Dream Sequence

Chiasmata Read Story - Tribology

Chiasmata Read Story - Upward Not Northward

Chiasmata Read Story - Conspiracy of Pleasure

Chiasmata Read Story - Never No Weather

Chiasmata Read Story - Song of Twelves

Poland - Brotherhood of the Cruciform Swor

Poland - Gynofraud

Poland - Skillet

Poland - Incognito Concubine

Poland - Screaming Scares the Eyeders

Poland - The Jaw is a True Hinge

Poland - World Record Hamster

Poland - Medieval Ninjas

Poland - Gotta Lotta Tile 'n All

Poland - The Song Before It

Poland - Czars of the Universe


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