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Progressive/Alt/Post Punk Rock band from Lafayette, La. formally known as Fountainhead. Members included Jason Robira, James Broussard, Jason Trahan, Brian Fruge, and Stephen Miller. Urbosleeks recorded several cd's and tapes including Demosleeks on tape, She's Wasted Away, Near the Water, Preconsumptions, and a rare unrealeased recording called Bombing Babies also known as Arf, War is Hell!

The band moved to Athens, Ga. in 2000 and recorded the Preconsumptions and Bombing Babies Cd's before calling it quits in 2003.


Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - You'll Know You're Dead When You

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Round Trip

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - The Wrath Of Mutt'Donna

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Day Of The Triffids

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Merman's Parasite

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - The Amoeba Never Sleeps

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Strange Behavior

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Flower Garden Blues

Arf! Truly, War Is Hell - Bombing Babies

Unknown Albums - The Situation

Unknown Albums - The Relation Game

Unknown Albums - The Art Of Turbonapping

Unknown Albums - Personality Abortion

Unknown Albums - Not Sure Of Title (Ask Robira)

Unknown Albums - Neon Streets

Unknown Albums - Mockery

Unknown Albums - Cheap Sleep

Unknown Albums - Bank On It


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