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Dead End Lake


Andy Moore - Bass/Vocals
Luke Duke - Guitar/Leads/Dobro
Chance Walling - Guitar
Bryan Hood - Drums

Past Members
David Benfield - Guitar
Boon Businelli - Guitar
Daniel Fontenot - Drums
Amanda Sonnier - Drums
Wes Hanna - Drums
Ronnie Famous - Bass

dead end lake formed in early 2001 out of the ashes of southern discomfort. formed by andy moore and luke guidry as an experimental recording project later turned into a full blown live act once they got the 'ol itch to jam live again. after numerous lineup changes over the years the band felt it finally came together with the latest lineup consisting of andy,luke,bryan hood(formerly of choke),and chance walling(formerly of the incisions and post modern process). dead end lake has created a sound all their own especially in the swamps of louisiana where its dominated by hardcore metal and indie rock. dead end lake is stuck somewhere right in between just watching the herd roll by with a "j" in one hand and a cold one in the other not worrying 'bout nothin'. ya dig...


This Black Ship - into the blackhole

This Black Ship - sailin'

This Black Ship - action's automatic

This Black Ship - outerzone blues

This Black Ship - holy nectar

This Black Ship - monkey grinder

This Black Ship - child of the stargazer

This Black Ship - son of sam

This Black Ship - suns of indica


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