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The Vagrants


Luke Guidry- Guitar/Vox
Andy Moore- Bass/Vox
David Benfield-Guitar/Backing Vox
Chad Townsend- Drums,unfortunately not on the recordings :(
other members
Kris Kershaw- Guitar
Garrett Do- Drums
Brandon Boullion- Drums

the vagrants were a punk band from the chuck around 96 or 97. we were heavily inspired by all the old bands from the south la/ porquoi pas scene like mystic fix, the gay nazis, jimmy dong, choke, 30 foot fall, the hates, etc.


We Loiter - skins & punks

We Loiter - the lc scene

We Loiter - drop the bombs

We Loiter - leave us alone

We Loiter - unity

We Loiter - the fuckin police

We Loiter - the streets are home to us

We Loiter - get away

We Loiter - parents

We Loiter - live to drink drink to die

We Loiter - cash from chaos

We Loiter - nazi germany

We Loiter - fuckin a mute chick

We Loiter - 15 & punk


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