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To understand the enigma of CHOKE, the soulful, rhythmic bass lines of Jason "J-Paul" Fusilier fuse together with drummer Bryan"Thunderhoof" Hood's straight header pound establishing the foundation of the distinctive CHOKE groove. Raw, unadulterated thickness is then added with the trademark drag pipe grind of guitarists Boon and Jeromy Boullion. And finally, vocalist Edward Tracy integrates the forces of melody and power to complete this southern package that is unequaled in originality. With this junction of eclectic energy, CHOKE has found it's voice in the music industry.

In May of 1997, CHOKE released a self-titled demo, with Ben Falgoust of SOILENT GREEN/GOATWHORE fame adding backing vocals, and began extensive touring for the release. Highlights during this period included many shows with ACID BATH, mini tours with CRISIS and CROWBAR, as well as longer jaunts with SOILENT GREEN that saw CHOKE travel the Eastern coast to New York City for a stop at the most famous underground club of all, CBGB's. Playing with bands such as INCUBUS, HANK III and numerous benefits has also amplified the band's exposure to countless audiences. Through extensive marketing and nonstop touring, CHOKE sold several thousand compact disks and allowed the band to finance the recording of their first full-length, entitled Whatever Happened to Mark Twain's America?. Recorded late 1998, and this time with Sammy Duet of ACID BATH/GOATWHORE/CROWBAR adding vocal tracks, the second album was released nationally by SuperCharger Reckords in early 1999. Boon eventually ventured into several music projects and was replaced with guitarist Charlie Frye.

Tracy McGinnis: vocals/lyrics
Jeromy Boullion: guitar/vocals
Jason Fuselier: bass
Bryan Hood: drums
Boon Businelli: guitar/vocals


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