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The British Tabloids


Members: Doctor Feet & Wire Teeth & Ferguson Testicle Breath & Doctor McGookenstein & Al & Steve & God & Mooner Quazum & Lester

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Theremin, Saxophone, Trombone, Circuit-bent toys, Game Boy

Here’s what the critics have to say about The British Tabloids:
"There’s not enough acid in this world to make me wanna listen to this."- Big Mike (RIP)
"Flawless."- drunken fan

Beyond that, our performances consisted of a sort of collective improvisation of several different instruments including brass, percussion, and electronics. The music and action will enthrall you, throwing your mind and body in all sorts of directions throughout the unknown universe.


Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Driving Down Broadway

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Marvelous Charlie Aficionado

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Gay Boys for Rent

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Satyagraha

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Mao's Seamless Fabric

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Staring Down a Cookie

Live at Toys 6-8-07 - Said to Bobby


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