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Fuzz Munky/Simpliciter


Mike Chavez – Guitar
Matt Richards – Guitar / Vox
Phil Feemster – Drums
Kirk Feemster – Bass

The struggle with writing a biography about a band that you used to be in is trying to find it within yourself to admit that those days are over. It was indeed an intense ride that began for all of us in 2002 and did not end until that final show with our very best friends in 2005. Over the years, we were blessed to have met many people and play shows all around the United States. Though we were based out of Lake Charles, Louisiana, we always considered our second home to be Lafayette, Louisiana (playing just as many total shows in Lafayette as we did in Lake Charles). We played a hybrid of punk, thrash, and screamo. We miss every single one of you.

During our time together, we were fortunate enough to share the stage with such bands as: Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Brandston, Number One Fan, Desert City Soundtrack, Settlefish, the Sleeping, Halfwayhome, Deadboy and the Elephantmen, A Day to Remember, For the Fallen Dreams, Meriwether, So Many Dynamos, Divide the Day, the Goodwill, Target Market, and countless local bands that truly made it possible for us to accomplish so much in three years. Thank you all for helping all of us re-live these wonderful memories.


As Fuzz Munky - My Girlfriend is a Cheerleader

As Fuzz Munky - Forgery

As Fuzz Munky - Head On

As Fuzz Munky - Cinderella

As Fuzz Munky - Stop to Think

As Fuzz Munky - Subway Selects

As Simpliciter - Intro

As Simpliciter - Lush

As Simpliciter - Tyler Durdin

As Simpliciter - Despair of Disillusion

As Simpliciter - Lipstick and Razorblades

As Simpliciter - Reset

As Simpliciter - scarlet


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