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Taliba Cumi


Jai Benoit - Drums
Cory Lagrange - Guitar, Samples
Al Tuminello - Guitar
Joey Tuminello - Bass

Taliba Cumi (pronounced "tuh-lee-buh koo-me") consisted of two thirds of the band Destroyed By Fire as well as two guys who know two out of three guys of the band Engulfed In Blood by Early Morn. The band has the tendencies to wander towards post-rock stylings without being pretentious and at the same time knows how to keep things in perspective. There will be no two sentence song titles or anything of the like here. .. Leave your presuppositions of this band at the back door if we are not home. Some people keep stealing the deliveries that are left out front.


Fortifying the Ukraine - Gnobe Bryant

Fortifying the Ukraine - Nota Republic

Fortifying the Ukraine - If Banana, Then Red Carpenter

Fortifying the Ukraine - Ambiguous Observation Cookies


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