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Claymore was a four person Emo/Indie act out of Lafayette, LA. The latest lineup featured Ashley Ewing on Guitar and Vocals, Allen Clements on Guitar and Vocals. Bobby Lirette on Drums and originally, Dustin LeBlanc on Bass who was later replaced with Mathieu Billideaux.

Claymore toured nationally several times most notably with April Sound (ex Race Car Riot), The Day After Yesterday and on their own. The members met at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and originally formed out of a indie punk band featuring Patrick Flanagan and Brett Livaudais in New Iberia.

Favorite local area gigs included frequent appearances at Caffe Cottage, Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, Main Street in Breaux Bridge, and shows at Shanahans, Grant Street and more. The band was fizzling out when Singer/Guitarist Allen Clements accepted an invitation from Lake Charles act Victim of Modern Age to be a part of their band thus ending a fun and successful run. Bobby Lirette moved on to play as a part of Lafayette favorite, The Frames of Reference, while Ashley Ewing moved to Austin Texas to continue writing and playing and to further her career in technology.


Live at Rinky Dink - Pristine

Live at Rinky Dink - The Last Letter

Live at Rinky Dink - Mathus

Live at Rinky Dink - Enough to Get By

Live at Rinky Dink - Burning Leaves

Live at Rinky Dink - Quality Not Quantity

Live at Rinky Dink - Feeling Bad

Live at Rinky Dink - Waterglass

Live Recording - Dead Beat Dad

Live Recording - lonesong

Live Recording - quality.. not quantity

Live Recording - waterglass

Self Titled - Burning Leaves

Self Titled - Pristine

Self Titled - Water Glass


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